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Floor Cleaner

Your floor is designed with low maintenance in mind, however, from time to time a timber floor will require some maintenance. Follow these simple steps to achieve many years of enjoyment from your floor.


Floor Cleaner


How do I care for my Hybrid floor?

As with our other flooring materials, a light brush to remove surface dust will keep the floor looking clean.  Once a week, or when dirt or other marks are apparent, clean the floor using a PH neutral floor cleaner. Read our Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines for more information.

Can I have pets with a timber floor?

Yes, you can have pets and floating floors, however there are some simple measures you need to take to ensure that the impact is minimised. The most effective way to ensure your floors stay in the best condition possible is by keeping your pets outside, in reality, this is not an option for a majority of homeowners, as pets are part of the family. To make sure your flooring is not adversely affected, you can implement the following solutions:

1. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed or regular walks on concrete to blunt the nails.

2. Use mats at doorways where pets enter. This will reduce the amount of dirt being brought in from outside of the home, this will minimise marks and scratches to your floors.

3. Regularly sweep, vacuum and dry mop your floors.

4. Use mats to catch any spills or place pet water & food away from timber flooring.

5. Accidental toilet mishaps, clean all pet urine asap! Pet urine may leave dark stains on timber floors and a permanent smell if not removed as soon as possible.

Can I pick up my order directly?

Yes, choose the collect option at checkout to directly pick up your order at the nearest distribution centre when your order is fulfilled.