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    Find out all you need to know about Carpet!

    What is Cirrus Carpet?

    Flooring Online's new carpet range – Cirrus, is a revolutionary new and affordable DIY friendly carpet range. Made in Australia, the ultra soft 12mm synthetic fibre Plush carpet features an integrated Cushion Back System for easy installation.

    Carpet Tiling

    Flooring Online's range of carpet tiles are moisture and water resistant, making for an extremely durable carpet option. Our carpet tiling also features quality tufted multi-loop pattern in dual tone contemporary colours on a recycled PVC backing. They are uniquely designed for low maintenance, easy cleaning and installation.

    Installing Carpet

    Both Flooring Online's Cirrus carpet range and Carpet tiles are designed with the DIY savvy Australian homeowner in mind.

    Cleaning Carpet

    Hybrid floors are designed with low maintenance and cleaning easability in mind. Regular sweeping and vacuuming is the best way to keep your floors looking day one fresh! We recommend damp mopping, ideally once or twice a month, with a pH neutral floor cleaner. Find our complete hybrid flooring cleaning guide below.

    Are carpet tiles waterproof?

    No, however they are moisture and water resistant. 

    Is Cirrus carpet stain resistant?

    Cirrus Carpet is highly stain resistant and durable, designed to withstand the busy Australian household.

    Do you need underlay for carpet tiles?

    No additional underlay is required as carpet tiles come with an underlay attached.