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    Vinyl Flooring

    Find out all you need to know about Vinyl flooring right here. From product features down to installation we've got you covered.

    What is Vinyl Flooring?

    Vinyl flooring features a highly protective wear layer above a high resolution timber print, finished with a UV acrylic coating to protect the floor from sun damage. Vinyl is also completely waterproof and is designed to be as low maintenance as possible.

    A DIY Dream

    Vinyl flooring is designed for easy, glue-down installation.

    Vinyl Vs. Hybrid

    Both waterproof and highly scratch resistant, Vinyl and Hybrid are extremely durable flooring options. Their differences lie in the complexity of the boards construction and the installation required. The thickness and construction of a hybrid board would likely make it the more hardwearing option, however both are extremely sturdy products. Also vinyl flooring is designed for glue down install, while hybrid requires floating installation.

    Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl Plank Floors are a breeze to maintain. Because they’re waterproof and scratch-resistant, they’re much easier to clean than hardwood or porcelain. It’s best to give your vinyl planks a gentle sweep every day or so. A quick lap with a soft bristle broom or lightweight vacuum cleaner should usually be enough to get rid of any dirt or wayward crumbs. Find our complete floor cleaning guide below.

    Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

    Yes! Vinyl floors are completely water resistant. 

    Is vinyl flooring good for pets?

    Vinyl is highly scratch resistant and waterproof making them ideal for households with pets. Our Vinyl floors are also easy to clean and maintain, coming with a 30 year surface guarantee.

    Can I install my vinyl floors?

    Yes! Vinyl flooring is a perfect project for the keen handyman or woman! Designed with DIY installation in mind, our vinyl floorboards feature easy to connect click-in design and glue down installation.