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3 Free flooring samples delivered to your home
Free samples

Why shop with us?

At Flooring Online Australia, we love easy shopping, anywhere, anytime. Our international buying power gives us access to better deals so we can pass the discount onto you, while our national distribution network means we have a truly national footprint.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Embelton Limited, we have a proud 98 year trading history, and all products are backed by our 25 year structural warranty.  So when you buy from us you can have confidence in the quality of our products, and that we are here to stay. Meet our friendly team on our About us page.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we understand how important it is to view the product before committing to a large order. Therefore we have opened a showroom in Melbourne and Perth by appointment only. If you are not located in these state's we do offer a virtual service with our friendly team. Contact our friendly team to book a showroom appointment.

How can I pay for my order?

We offer the following secure payment methods to all our customers:

Credit Cards:  Pay via Visa or Mastercard.

Zip Pay: Enjoy your purchase immediately. Pay over time from as little as $40 a month, interest free.

$1,000-$4,999 - 6 Months Interest Free

$5,000-$10,000 - 12 Months Interest Free

Afterpay: Enjoy your purchase immediately. Pay later via four easy, interest-free instalments. (up to the value of $2000)

PayPal: Pay using your PayPal funds, a nominated bank account or credit card of your choice.

How big are your samples?

Each sample is approximately 30cm in length by the width of the product chosen. All samples include the locking system on either side of the board also.

When can I expect my sample pack to arrive?

We aim to dispatch your sample order within 2 business days, unless sample stock is not available. 

All sample orders are sent via Australia Post, Couriers Please or TNT with tracking details provided via email. 

When can I expect my order to arrive?

This depends on several factors:

  • Stock availability in your state
  • Your delivery location - Rural or remote towns may take longer if multiple freight companies are required

If all of the above factors are optimal orders will be dispatched from your local distribution warehouse within 2 business days from placing your order. For more information, view our Shipping Policy.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

Yes, you will need to be home during the 8 hour delivery window provided to accept delivery. For all large orders the driver will require your assistance to hand unload your order quickly and efficiently. If you live in a unit complex please advise in the notes section of your order. To learn more about our delivery service, visit our Shipping Policy.

Can I collect my order to save money?

Yes, please choose the collect option at checkout, and our customer service team will advise when you order if ready for collection and the address of your local distribution warehouse.

Why does my floor look slightly different to what I imagined?

Photos in magazines or the internet will not give you a realistic representation of full species colour or feature. Even a sample flooring board provides just a single representation of the colour and features in that species. It might be noted that many species and types of flooring have a great spread of natural variance. Within a single species the colours and colour variation can be quite pronounced and can differ markedly from one floor to another. Variation of colour and texture is normal in natural materials and will also be present in synthetic materials, as they are designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural material.

What if I find a better price elsewhere?

At Flooring Online we are dedicated to bringing you manufacturer direct prices that cannot be beaten. Shop our range of Embelton Flooring products secure in the knowledge that you will not buy better.

In fact, we guarantee it. Find a cheaper price on a stocked Embelton Flooring item and we will match it!  So shop now and save!! *Flooring Online's price match offer will be exempt if the product is on sale.

How can I return my flooring?

We hope that you will be delighted with your Flooring Online Australia flooring purchase. If you change your mind about your purchase, you are welcome to return your product to us within 14 days of your purchase date. After 14 days have passed, we unfortunately can’t offer you a refund or exchange. Read more.

Do you offer Installation?

Yes.  Our professional installer network covers most major Australian cities, and for some regional areas we can refer you to our retail partners to assist.

Find your local professional flooring installer using our handy map.

Does the construction of my home impact the installation of my floor?

Floating floors are commonly laid in homes with either a concrete slab or a timber sheet and joist construction with ground beneath. However, the build of your home will determine what preparation needs to occur prior to installation of the floor. With joist construction, protection from ground moisture may be necessary. Note that floors should never be laid over wet sub-floor conditions.

Can I install the floor myself?

Yes, all of our products are available with the latest in patented click technology from Unilin, Valinge or Drop Lock, which makes DIY installation a snap for the home handyman or handywoman. Please thoroughly read through our product Installation Guides before starting. 

How do I care for my Hybrid floor?

As with our other flooring materials, a light brush to remove surface dust will keep the floor looking clean.  Once a week, or when dirt or other marks are apparent, clean the floor using a PH neutral floor cleaner. Read our Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines for more information.

How do I care for my Timber or Laminate floor?

A simple brush or a light vacuum keeps floors looking great.  To ensure the floor looks Its best, or If household pets or children have dragged mud through the house, a micro fibre mop and a light mist of a Laminate & Timber Flooring cleaning solution will remove the grime with ease. This not only cleans but also helps protect the surface. 

Many nonspecific timber floor cleaners, normal household chemicals and cleaners will damage floors and must not be used. There are many aspects that affect how often the floor requires cleaning and these include the amount of grit present, type of exterior and interior matting, the level of foot traffic, type of footwear and general conditions of the area outside the house, such as dirt, gravel or sand. Spills should be mopped up when they occur and any leaks attended to immediately. Steam mops should never be used on your floor, they are not suitable for Timber, Laminate, Bamboo and Hybrid materials. Read our Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines for more information.

How will my floor wear?

Hardness and scratch resistance will vary in each material.  Hardness indicates a resistance to indentation. Scratch resistance indicates the likelihood of marking the surface. Damage to floors may occur due to continual movement of furniture, heavy foot traffic, dropping items and in particular “stiletto-heel” type pressure. Our flooring ensures improved resistance to indentation and abrasion. Surface scratching may occur in the coating under normal wear and tear, where minor this can be repaired with Gilly Stephenson oil on a regular basis.  To prevent scratching, the use of surface protection under chairs, table legs, bed heads etc. is advised. Read our Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines for more information.

Can I have pets with a timber floor?

Yes, you can have pets and floating floors, however there are some simple measures you need to take to ensure that the impact is minimised. The most effective way to ensure your floors stay in the best condition possible is by keeping your pets outside, in reality, this is not an option for a majority of homeowners, as pets are part of the family. To make sure your flooring is not adversely affected, you can implement the following solutions:

  1. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed or regular walks on concrete to blunt the nails.
  2. Use mats at doorways where pets enter. This will reduce the amount of dirt being brought in from outside of the home, this will minimise marks and scratches to your floors.
  3. Regularly sweep, vacuum and dry mop your floors.
  4. Use mats to catch any spills or place pet water & food away from timber flooring.
  5. Accidental toilet mishaps, clean all pet urine asap! Pet urine may leave dark stains on timber floors and a permanent smell if not removed as soon as possible.

Does my floor have any particular requirements?

When your Timber, Bamboo, Laminate or Hybrid floor Is installed as a floated system (stairs & nosings only must be adhered), it should be noted that rooms within the home need to be able to move as one. This is the reason that many floating floors have expansion gaps between rooms to reduce any pressure issues. It should also be noted that very heavy objects, such as billiard tables, bookcases, large fridges or kitchen units can cause issues for floating floors. Where this Is likely to occur, the installation method will need some consideration and in some cases, such as directly sticking the floor, a change of material may be required, as not all flooring materials can be installed using an alternate method.  All floated floors need to be able to move freely and must not be fixed down in any capacity, be it via caulking, nailing etc.

Do heating systems, refrigerative air conditioning and evaporative coolers alter the conditions of my flooring?

Any of these products can have an adverse effect on your floor if they are used for extended periods or incorrectly.  It Is important to regulate temperature and relative humidity within the site.  Good environmental management will reduce any changes in performance of the floor.  When choosing your flooring, consider your normal usage habits prior to selecting and prior to installation, as these will dictate the product’s suitability and type of installation method.  Please visit our website for details, Warranty, Maintenance & Installation guides.

Does the climate and environment of my home affect my floor?

It is important to understand there is a relationship between your flooring and the environmental conditions in the surrounding air, this results in a change of performance of the floor.  Dimensional changes will occur due to changes of temperature and humidity, this is expansion and contraction. During weather conditions where consistently high humidity and/or temperatures are present, your flooring will absorb moisture from the surrounding air causing it to expand and increase in size. This can cause squeaking or creaking due to the tightness of the boards. Conversely, during drier times when humidity is low, your flooring will contract, reducing in size. Your flooring, if not placed in a permanently controlled environment, will always move in response to changing environmental conditions. As a consumer, it needs to be understood that your flooring will continue to respond to its environment throughout its life.

What impact will large expansive windows or skylights that face the sun for extended periods have on my floor?

If a floor is constantly in direct sunlight this may cause unwanted fading, expansion or contraction, peaking and even some damage due to surface drying. All efforts should be made to protect floors from harsh direct sunlight using window coverings, window tinting or other shade methods such as pergolas or verandahs. Homes that are protected by eaves and other surrounding homes offer the most protection from these unwanted changes.

Does my home have suitable ventilation and drainage?

Airflow under and/or around a floor is essential. Normally brick homes have suitable ventilation slots around the brickwork, but it’s important to ensure these have not been filled in over the years or become overgrown by garden beds. Drainage is also essential to ensure water is not trapped around or under your home. Failure to ensure this can increase the moisture content in your floor and potentially cause issues.

Is there flooring that is allergy friendly?

The most allergy friendly option for flooring has always been Timber & Bamboo. These floors do not trap dust or dirt, so the nasty particles that keep you sneezing are easily maintained.  To do so, clean your timber floors with regular dry mopping and sweeping so your floors remain allergy-free.

What if my flooring is faulty?

All our products come with our 25 year residential warranty that guarantees the products against premature wear and structural failure.

Our warranties are backed by our parent company  GP Embelton & Co. Pty Ltd who has been in business since 1925 so you can be confident in our products and rest assured that we will be here if you need us.

To see our full warranty terms and conditions visit our warranty policy.

Any other questions?

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