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    What is Hybrid Flooring?

    What is Hybrid flooring made from? Well, here you will find all the information you need to understand hybrid flooring.

    A History of Hybrid

    Entering the market in 2017, Hybrid has taken the flooring world by storm, steadily becoming one of the most popular choices for Australian homes.

    Born out of the idea for a new and innovative product that would combine the best elements of laminate and vinyl flooring (hence the name), hybrid flooring's multi-layered construction makes it the most durable flooring option available.

    Most importantly however, Hybrid flooring developed as an answer to those wanting a hardwearing flooring alternative that possessed the look and feel of solid timber. In fact, Hybrid's wood look decors, textured wood finish and extra matte coating, makes this product the most realistic timber look board on the market.


    Flooring Online offer two ranges of Hybrid flooring core structures - 5.5mm Atlantis Stone Polymer Core (SPC) and 8mm Aqua-tuf Wood Plastic Composite (WPC).

    Atlantis SPC combines limestone, PVC and stabilisers to create a high density rigid core that’s extremely dimensionally stable, resisting indentation and marks. While Aqua-tuf  WPC, is a blend of limestone and PVC wood dust, produces a semi-rigid aerated core, resulting in a lighter product with softer under-foot feel and superior acoustics.

    In good news for the environment, left over scraps of material from both products are recycled for use in further batches, ensuring zero wastage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process. 

    Scratch Resistance

    Both Laminate and Hybrid flooring have incredible scratch resistant properties.

    Water Resistance

    Laminate is water resistant, but not waterproof, unlike hybrid flooring which is 100% waterproof. Hybrid can be installed, without worry, in any area of the home.


    Laminate is cheaper than hybrid flooring. Visit our price guide here

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    Both hybrid flooring and laminate are easy to maintain & clean. Hybrid however can we wet mopped without worry, wet mopping is not recommended for laminate.

    Floor Profile

    Hybrid & Laminate flooring both have a micro-bevel profile.


    Both hybrid & laminate flooring are designed for easy DIY, floating installation. However Laminate floorboards require up to one week's acclimatisation in areas that are particularly humid, cold, wet, hot or dry. Visit our Hybrid installation page here.

    Pros & Cons of Hybrid Flooring

    Find out all the advantages and limitations of hybrid flooring

    Extra Matte Finished Boards

    Introducing our extra matte finished hybrid flooring! Featuring a super matte finish, these floorboards have beautiful wood look decors and hardwood textures, resulting in the most realistic timber-look floorboards we’ve seen.

    Currently available in six beautiful colours, these boards are still 100% waterproof and highly scratch resistant, making them completely life proof. Perfect for busy Australian homes with no shortage of kids, spills and thrills!

    Are hybrid floors easy to install?

    Yes! Hybrid floors are incredibly easy to install with the integrated locking system, all you need is a tape measure, guillotine, and a rubber mallet. Read our full guide on how to install hybrid floors. 

    What are hybrid floors made from?

    Hybrid flooring is the result of combining the best elements of Vinyl and Laminate Flooring to create a floor which feels and looks like timber while being both waterproof and highly scratch resistant. Hybrid flooring consists of a UV coated top layer for durability and impact resistance to prevent wear and tear. A decorative layer to mimic the look of timber flooring, and underneath a water and heat resistant core layer. Finally, a pre-adhered underlay, saves you time and money in installing an additional flooring layer.

    Are hybrid floors suitable for wet areas of the house?

    Yes! Hybrid floors are completely waterproof and can be used in any area of the house without the risk of swelling or water damage.