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    Pros & Cons of Hybrid Flooring

    Find out all the advantages and limitations of hybrid flooring.

    Is Hybrid flooring right for you?

    If you are uncompromising in your love for timber flooring then no other floors will ever really suffice. As the most realistic wood look alternative however, hybrid is about as close as it gets to the look and feel of real timber.

    And if you care just as much about the beauty of your home as you do the durability of the flooring in it, then Hybrid is the perfect choice.

    Pros of Hybrid flooring

    1. Waterproof - Hybrid flooring can be installed in all areas of your home including bathrooms and laundries.

    2. Scratch Resistant - Hybrid flooring has scratch resistant properties, similar to laminate flooring.

    3. Pre-Adhered Underlay - A pre-adhered underlay saves you time and money during installation. Also allows for a softer feel underfoot with superior acoustics.

    4. Textured wood finish - gives the look and feel of real timber.

    5. UV resistant wear layer - protects your floor against fading and impact damage.

    6. Easy DIY Installation - locking profile allows for easy installation on top of almost any existing subfloor.

    7. Easy Maintenance - Hybrid is designed with stress free maintenance and cleaning in mind

    Cons of Hybrid flooring

    1. Cost - Hybrid is cheaper than timber but typically more expensive than vinyl or laminate.

    2. Discolouration - Floors can get discoloured due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Use curtains and blinds to protect your flooring.

    Flooring Online Comparison Chart

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    Hybrid Price Guide

    For our complete hybrid price guide visit below.

    Be Inspired by Hybrid

    Visit our hybrid inspiration page to see beautiful hybrid homes and renovation journeys.

    Are hybrid floors easy to install?

    Yes! Hybrid floors are incredibly easy to install with the integrated locking system, all you need is a tape measure, guillotine, and a rubber mallet. Read our full guide on how to install hybrid floors. 

    What are hybrid floors made from?

    Hybrid flooring is the result of combining the best elements of Vinyl and Laminate Flooring to create a floor which feels and looks like timber while being both waterproof and highly scratch resistant. Hybrid flooring consists of a UV coated top layer for durability and impact resistance to prevent wear and tear. A decorative layer to mimic the look of timber flooring, and underneath a water and heat resistant core layer. Finally, a pre-adhered underlay, saves you time and money in installing an additional flooring layer.

    Are hybrid floors suitable for wet areas of the house?

    Yes! Hybrid floors are completely waterproof and can be used in any area of the house without the risk of swelling or water damage.