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    Hybrid Flooring Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

    Find out all you need to know about maintaining and cleaning hybrid flooring.

    Cleaning Hybrid

    Hybrid flooring is designed with low-maintenance and easy cleaning in mind. Regular sweeping and vacuuming is the best way to keep your floors looking day 1 fresh! We also recommend damp mopping, ideally once or twice a month, with a pH neutral floor cleaner.

    Roll Out the Mats!

    Make use of mats in entrance ways to stop dirt and debris making its way into your home. Rugs and carpets in high traffic areas can also help keep your floors looking pristine.

    Shoes Off

    Let's take a hint from the Japanese! Leaving your shoes at the door and swapping them for indoor shoes or slippers can help keep unwanted dirt and grime out of the home.

    Pet Care is Floor Care

    Although Hybrid flooring is extremely scratch resistant, it pays to keep your pets nails neatly trimmed and groom our fury friends regularly.

    Think Blinds!

    Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause hybrid flooring to fade. Ensure appropriate curtains and blind are installed in your home to avoid this.

    Padding is Key

    Applying furniture pads will help prevent table and chair legs from scraping across your floor surface.

    Repairing Hybrid Flooring

    If you find some minor scratches have appeared on your hybrid flooring, there are products available to help. WD-40 will help alleviate minor scuffs and scratches but for more noticeable scratches you may need to purchase a floor repair kit.

    If the scratches or dents are so severe that these efforts are not helpful, it may be necessary to replace the board all together. Luckily, hybrid flooring is floated over a subfloor, meaning that replacing an individual board is not typically difficult. It’s for these reasons that we always recommend getting an extra pack of flooring in case damaged boards need replacing.

    Hybrid Cleaning Do's & Don'ts

    Don't use a steam mop on your hybrid flooring as it can cause the boards to swell and discolour.

    Do use a spray mop to clean any spillages as soon as possible.

    Don't use abrasive tools, such as steel wool or harsh scrubbing pads.

    Do use an indoor broom with synthetic bristles rather than natural fibers.

    Do only use a pH neutral floor cleaner when mopping. Acidic or caustic products can wear away the floor's protective surface layer.

    Want to learn more?

    Read our complete blog on cleaning & maintaining hybrid floors here

    Green Tag Certification

    Flooring Online's Aqua-Tuf 8mm hybrid flooring has been awarded a level C Green Tag rating. To read more visit the Green Tag website below.

    Are hybrid floors easy to install?

    Yes! Hybrid floors are incredibly easy to install with the integrated locking system, all you need is a tape measure, guillotine, and a rubber mallet. Read our full guide on how to install hybrid floors. 

    What are hybrid floors made from?

    Hybrid flooring is the result of combining the best elements of Vinyl and Laminate Flooring to create a floor which feels and looks like timber while being both waterproof and highly scratch resistant. Hybrid flooring consists of a UV coated top layer for durability and impact resistance to prevent wear and tear. A decorative layer to mimic the look of timber flooring, and underneath a water and heat resistant core layer. Finally, a pre-adhered underlay, saves you time and money in installing an additional flooring layer.

    Are hybrid floors suitable for wet areas of the house?

    Yes! Hybrid floors are completely waterproof and can be used in any area of the house without the risk of swelling or water damage.