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Timber Parquetry

Flooring Online's parquetry range provides the beauty and prestige of European Oak while bringing an added touch of luxury to your home. These distinctive patterns will without doubt set your home apart.


    Engineered Timber Parquetry

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    Can I install Herringbone Timber flooring myself?

    We recommend that you hire a professional installer for Herringbone flooring due to the more complex board pattern and detail required for install.

    What is the difference between Herringbone and Chevron patterns?

    Both Chevron and Herringbone boast the repetitive zig-zag pattern. Chevron, however, utilises planks cut at an angle to give a more uniform look, while Herringbone uses straight edge boards that provide a dynamic and timeless aesthetic which adds depth to any space. 

    Is Engineered Timber flooring waterproof?

    No, it is not completely waterproof however, due to its layers, it works better with water than solid hardwood timber.