6 Facts About Hybrid Flooring

Since its introduction, Hybrid flooring has taken the flooring world by storm. With its waterproof and scratch resistant qualities it has become the perfect choice for busy Australian homes. But what is so special about hybrid flooring? Well, here are 6 cool facts about hybrid flooring.

1) Can be installed over ANYTHING!

In need of a quick change? Well hybrid flooring is the answer! Hybrid flooring is impressive in many ways, but one of its most attractive attributes is the fact that it can be installed over almost any pre-existing subfloor, including existing flooring, ceramic tiles and concrete without any floor preparation. But REMEMBER it’s important that your subfloor is level, 3mm deviation over 1 meter is the maximum recommended allowance.

2) Layered for Success

Lucky for us, hybrid flooring’s multi-layered construction makes it extremely durable and hardwearing.

Whilst all hybrid floors look the same on the surface, it is the different core constructions where the performance of the product lies. Embelton’s Atlantis range is constructed by a Stone Polymer (SPC) core, combining limestone, PVC and stabilisers to create a high-density, rigid core that’s extremely stable, resisting indentation and marks. 

Embelton’s Aqua-Tuf range features a premium Wood Plastic (WPC) core, which is a blend of limestone and PVC wood dust, resulting in a semi-rigid aerated core, which is a lighter product with softer underfoot feel and superior acoustics.

3) Beautiful Australian and European oak prints 

Hybrid flooring features the most realistic wood décor prints developed in flooring. Boasting the beautiful grains and patterns of Australian timber and European Oak, these floorboards also have a textured surface layer, giving the feel and appearance on solid timber.

4) Protected from the ground up

Hybrid flooring features a UV resistant, protective face layer. Which not only helps withstand dents and scratches on the surface but protects the colour of your floor from fading due to direct sunlight.

5) No-fuss installation

Hybrid flooring is constantly working to save you time and money during installation, which is why it features a pre-adhered underlay. With no additional pre-installation accessories required, hybrid flooring can be laid straight over your chosen subfloor. This allows for easy, no-fuss installation, and means individual boards can be removed or replaced if necessary. 

6) Bring in Herringbone!

Traditionally seen in timber flooring, herringbone parquetry flooring is characterised by a zigzag pattern, which draws the eye through a room and adds a distinctive look to your home. Now available in hybrid flooring, you can enjoy the luxury of herringbone without the price tag! Which means all the advantages of hybrid flooring in a bold and luxurious pattern. Herringbone flooring is the perfect choice for those who want to set their home apart from the rest. 

Looking at these facts about hybrid flooring, it’s not hard to see why it has become such a popular choice for Aussie homes. Find our entire hybrid flooring range at flooringonline.com/hybrid-flooring

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