What Flooring is best?

Any floor can look amazing so long as it suits your home. A vinyl floor can be great for a sleek, contemporary look while a well-placed timber floor might just add that touch of class you’re after. It all comes down to what you need.

Keep in mind that our floors are all pet and kid-friendly too. So no matter which floor you choose, the whole family can enjoy it!

Engineered Timber Floors

With a real timber veneer fixed atop a plywood core, these floors look great and last for years.

The timber veneer means that each floor has a unique grain and features. However, they’re also durable and stable; the engineered plywood core makes the floorboards less likely to cup or warp than solid timber.

Note that the timber veneer does require some extra care. A dry environment can age your floor prematurely while too much humidity in the air can damage it, so striking the right balance is essential to the longevity of your floors.

Timber Hybrid

These floors also make use of a timber veneer, but placed atop a “hybrid” core of stone polymer composite.

This makes them an affordable option when compared to solid timber. They can also be laid across existing floors (including tiles) with a mechanical locking system that makes installation a breeze.

Hybrid Floors

Hybrid floors are a combination of vinyl and laminate flooring. Made from either wood plastic or stone polymer composites, they provide great scratch resistance, waterproof construction and easy and mess-free floating floor installation.

With a matte finish that resembles a natural timber grain, these floors look incredible in any room; they can be laid over existing floors – including tiles – or installed in the laundry or bathroom. They’re also soft underfoot, which makes them perfect for rental properties.

Laminate Floors

An affordable alternative to timber, these floors make use of an attractive laminate that looks like real wood. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain. The wear-resistant layer makes them scratch proof and they only require an extensive clean every month or so.

In addition to this, a glueless locking system makes installation quick and painless. So if you’re in the mood for a simple, DIY installation these might be the floors for you.

Vinyl Floors

These “bulletproof” floors are both scratch proof and waterproof. Much like laminate flooring, they provide an extremely affordable option for homeowners on a budget and are designed with a real timber look in mind.

They’re also easy to lay. Vinyl floors can be installed with direct stick adhesive, so there’s no need to bring out the nail gun.

As you can see, each type of flooring is a little bit different and what suits one person might not necessarily suit another. The important thing is to match your needs, as well as the needs of your house, with the right kind of flooring. So long as you do that, everything else should go swimmingly.

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