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    Timber Flooring Cost Guide

    Find out all you need to know about the pricing of Timber flooring and other alternatives.

    Priceless Beauty

    Timber flooring typically sits at a higher price point than other flooring alternatives. However, engineered timber is significantly more affordable than solid timber.

    For many the additional cost of timber flooring is justified by having the beauty of a natural product in their home.

    Additionally timber flooring can be in investment and is a great way to add value to your home.

    Remember to factor in the price of trims and scotia when purchasing flooring.

    Flooring Pricing Table

    *These prices give an indication of current industry retail flooring prices and does not represent Flooring Online's prices.

    As a subsidiary of one of Australia's largest flooring manufacturers, Flooring Online is able to pass on wholesale flooring savings to our customers.

    • $$$$ Timber

      $70 - $140 per M2

    • $$$ Hybrid

      $30 - $70 per M2

    • $$ Laminate

      $25 - $50 per M2

    • $ Vinyl Plank

      $20 - $45 per M2

    What are you paying for?

    Timber flooring provides both timeless beauty and unique character to the home. Engineered timber is also more durable than solid timber. Backed by our 25-Year-Warranty, these boards are built to last a lifetime.

    Timber DIY Installation Costs

    For those savvy DIY'ers willing to take on a flooring installation project, Flooring Online's entire Australian species range, European Oak 14mm range and 7.5mm timber ranges feature a 5G locking system, ideal for DIY install.

    Although DIY installation will be significantly cheaper than hiring a professional, it comes with the heightened risk of having to relay the floor if not done correctly.

    Please note that timber flooring with T&G joining profiles are recommended for professional installation only.

    Professional Installation Costing Table

    If DIY isn't for you, leave it to the professionals!

    *The above provides indicative installation rates (labour only) for the major cities in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA and surrounding areas.

    • Timber

      $22 - 36 per M2

    • Hybrid & Laminate

      $20 - $26 per M2

    • Vinyl

      $16 - $20 per M2

    • Find a professional installer here

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    Maintenance Cost Guide

    It doesn't cost a lot to keep your timber floors looking amazing. All Flooring Online's floors are designed with low maintenance in mind, however, it's handy to have a few cleaning products in your home to keep your floors looking day-1 fresh. We recommend regular sweeping and occasionally a spray mop using a neutral wood floor cleaner. Note avoid wet mopping your timber floors.


    As with anything, the materials used has a large impact on price. Timber flooring uses organic material and naturally draws a larger price.

    The timber used in Flooring Online's European Oak range is certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


    As a general rule, the thicker the boards or thicker the timber veneer, the greater the cost. A thicker board will offer greater stability and overall durability. Engineered timber can also be sanded back and refinished over its lifetime.

    Flooring Online have engineered products available in a selection of timber veneers, or face layers. Ranging from 0.6 to 4mm, there’s an appropriate flooring solution for every home, lifestyle and budget.


    Generally, the wider the board, the greater the cost, but one that is arguably worth it for creating a visually larger space, with fewer seams to interrupt the organic knots and wood grain patterns. 

    Backed by Our 25 Year Warranty

    Have total confidence in your floors with our 25 Year Residential Warranty. Available across our entire range of Timber flooring.

    Is Engineered Timber flooring waterproof?

    No, it is not completely waterproof however, due to its layers, it works better with water than solid hardwood timber.

    Can Engineered Timber be sanded/repolished like solid timber flooring?

    Yes, Engineered timber floors can be sanded down and refurbished in their lifetime. However, how many times this can be done depends on the thickness of the solid timber veneer. Most of our engineered timber boards are safe to sand one to three times. Our 12mm Engineered European Oak range should not be sanded. 

    Can I install Herringbone Timber flooring myself?

    We recommend that you hire a professional installer for Herringbone flooring due to the more complex board pattern and detail required for install.