What is Hybrid Flooring made of?

For many Australians, hybrid floors continue to be a popular choice.

Not only are they more affordable than timber floorboards, they’re also waterproof, resilient and long-lasting.

But what is it about these floorboards that make them so durable? For this, we’ll need to look at how they’re made.

A killer core

True to their name, hybrid floorboards are a combination – or ‘hybrid’ – of vinyl and laminate flooring.

Each floorboard is composed of several layers, the most important of which is the ‘core’ layer that sits in the middle. Typically, this comes in two variants:

  • Stone polymer core (SPC)

These cores are engineered from a combination of stone powders and polymers. This gives them a rigid structure that makes them extremely stable and dense – great for absorbing sound!

  • Wood plastic composite (WPC)

These cores contain both wood powder and bamboo dust. As a result, they tend to be softer under-foot. Like many ‘semi-rigid cores’, they’re also better at allowing for natural movement.

Wear-resistant layers

Many of Flooring Online’s hybrid floorboards also come with a textured, wear-resistant top layer. These layers resist water, improve stability and help prevent scratches.

Beautiful prints

Stacked above the top layer, a decorative film gives our hybrid floorings its natural appearance. This mimics the look of real timber at a fraction of the cost and a stylish, matte finish brings the whole look home, meaning you don’t have the trade style for savings!

Protective coating

The surfaces of our hybrid floorboards are covered by a protective layer that has been cured with ultraviolet radiation. This is the coating that helps keep our flooring waterproof and scratch-resistant. It’s part of the reason hybrid floors are so immune to unsightly scuffs and marks.

Comfortable underlay

A roll of foam underlay separates the bottom of our hybrid planks from the subfloors – no separate underlayment necessary! This also ensures that walking on the floorboards is comfortable and makes for easy, mess-free work when installing the floors.

Putting it all together

All of these different layers and materials come together to make a flooring that combines the comfort of vinyl and the durability of laminate. Stunning in appearance and flawless in design, hybrid flooring might just be the perfect fit for your home. So if you’re interested then feel free to browse our range today!

These layers resist water, improve stability and help prevent scratches.

Hybrid floorboards are comfortable and make for easy, mess free installation.

Hybrid flooring

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