What is Hybrid flooring made from?

Hybrid - A Flooring Innovation

Despite being a relative newcomer to the market, Hybrid flooring’s rapid rise in popularity is no great surprise. 

The advanced technology behind this high-demand flooring, combines the very best attributes of laminate and vinyl products, producing a highly water-resistant surface of astonishing durability, equally suited to commercial and residential use.

Favoured by designers, builders and savvy home renovators for its high performance, under-foot comfort and ease of installation, Hybrid floors also up the interior style stakes, showcasing a variety of wood-look décors offering the visual appeal of genuine Australian Timber and European Oak floors.

What is Hybrid Flooring Made From?

As the name suggests, Hybrid is manufactured from a mix of materials (generally a combination of plastic, limestone and wood flour or bamboo dust) tightly compressed into multiple layers to form next generation timber-look planks.

The layers of Hybrid include a tough protective surface coating, wood-look décor, tough vinyl wear layer, rigid or semi-rigid composite substrate and a pre-attached underlay, specifically designed for floating installation.

What’s At The Core?

Embelton offer two ranges of Hybrid flooring core structures - 5.5mm Atlantis Stone Polymer Core (SPC) and 8mm Aqua-tuf Wood Plastic Composite (WPC).

Atlantis SPC combines limestone, PVC and stabilisers to create a high density rigid core that’s extremely dimensionally stable, resisting indentation and marks, while Aqua-tuf  WPC, is a blend of limestone and PVC wood dust, produces a semi-rigid aerated core, resulting in a lighter product with softer under-foot feel and superior acoustics.

In good news for the environment, left over scraps of material from both products are recycled for use in further batches, ensuring zero wastage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process. 

Hybrid flooring ticks all the right boxes - affordable, easy to clean, hard-wearing and waterproof, it’s the ideal flooring solution for busy households with kids and pets.

Available in a selection of stunning wood decors, Hybrid planks can also be installed in a number of different layout patterns such as staggered, diagonal or even herringbone, with an integrated foam backing system and simple drop-lock or click joint installation system DIY-ers will love too. 

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