Timber Flooring Differences

There is a reason for European Oak's popularity among homeowners.  Oak is warm, durable and has an authenticity that never goes out of fashion.  Engineered Oak is a super flexible product with its natural beauty enhanced by the endless variations in colour, texture and patterns. 

Classic Style

Classic Oak

Our Oak range begins with our Classic Oak range, offering the enduring warmth, texture and authenticity of oak at an affordable price.  Classic Oak is offered in the traditional 150mm wide long board format, 12mm thick and with micro-bevelled edges for an authentic look, while the European Oak veneers are hand selected to ensure your installation looks classy and distinctive.  Our Classic Oak range features a licensed 5G ‘Click’ technology ensuring easy installation, perfect for DIY. 

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European Luxury

Luxury Oak   

Our Luxury Oak range is the next step up from our Classic Oak range. The Luxury collection offers architects, and designers a broad range of both traditional and contemporary colours and finishes to suit any vision while allowing builders and renovators the ability to replicate virtually any look. Luxury Oak includes all the features of Classic Oak, with the addition of a 3mm wear layer and a slightly wider board of 190mm, perfect for larger rooms to create a sleek and more refined look. Our Luxury Oak range is perfect for the handymen/women as it features 5G ‘Click’ technology ensuring easy installation. 

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Ultimate Luxe

Luxury Oak Wide boards 

Luxury Oak Wide boards are our top of the range European Oak option. These 220mm wide boards make a bold statement in larger volume areas, helping to create a spacious and modern aesthetic. Our Wide Board range features a generous 4mm wear layer with hand-selected oak veneers to provide a high-end finish. With a traditional tongue and groove profile that makes it perfect for direct-stick or dual-bond installations.  We recommend installation by professional installers or carpenters in order to get the best out of this product. For help finding and installer in your area, please visit our installation page, or contact our customer service team on 1800 718 427.

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Timeless Elegance

Luxury Oak Herringbone  

Embelton Engineered Herringbone faithfully recreates the timeless elegance of French parquetry in a more stable and durable product.  Hand selected European Oak ensures is supported by a cross-laminated core for maximum stability, while the panels are precision machined with the latest in German technology to ensure the accuracy of fit.  Embelton Herringbone provides a sophisticated high-end look, allowing the floor to become the hero of any room. Featuring a traditional tongue and groove profile, installation by professional installers or carpenters is recommended. For help finding and installer in your area, please visit our installation page, or contact our customer service team on 1800 718 427.

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