How to clean Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid floors offer a great combination of durability with aesthetic, which makes them a favourable addition to any modern workplace or home.

And while they are incredibly easy to look after, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect cleaning and maintaining them altogether.

Instead, follow our guide to ensure your hybrid floors stay in top condition for many years to come.

  • Sweep your floors every week
  • It sounds very simple, but sweeping your floors at least once a week is an important task to help avoid any debris accumulating over an extended period of time and potentially affecting the quality of your floors.

  • Mop your floors every month
  • Although you’ll keep your floors nice and tidy with regular sweeping, using a spray mop is the best way to remove any marks, footprints, or dirt.

  • Avoid steam cleaning
  • Never steam clean hybrid floors, as the steam can cause significant swelling and discolouration to your floors. Dry to damp mopping is more than sufficient.

  • Use a pH neutral floor cleaner
  • Never use abrasive products and cleaners such as steel wool or scouring pads, as they can scratch the finish on hybrid flooring. Instead, stick with your spray mop, and a neutral floor cleaner for the ultimate TLC.

  • Protect your floors with rugs or runners
  • Sensitive and high traffic areas can benefit from having rugs to protect the surface, and keep protective mats at the entrances of your home. 

    This will help your hybrid floors last longer, and you’ll also have the added effect of creating a more cosy environment in your home.

  • Install curtains, blinds, or awnings
  • You can protect the colour of your hybrid floors by installing curtains, blinds or awnings to reduce the amount of direct sunlight on your floors. After all the time you take to choose a beautiful colour, protect it from fading and ensure the colour stays its original shade for many years to come. 

  • Touch-up with waxes and oils
  • Wear and tear is inevitable with anything we own and use, but if you do notice any minor surface scratches on your hybrid floors, you can touch them up with light or dark oil solutions. Gilly’s Flooring Scratch Cover Oil can help fill in minor scratches, as well as disguise any scuffs and revive dullness that may present over time in your hybrid floors.

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