Cleaning Hybrid Flooring

As the tried-and-true saying goes, a clean home is a happy home, so logically, installing low-maintenance, easy care flooring should make life a lot more joyful. Hybrid floorboards fit the bill for performance, style and longevity, and with just a few handy cleaning hints, will stay looking show room fresh for the long haul.

Roll out the welcome mats! 

The simplest way to maintain Hybrid flooring is to avoid the accumulation of loose dirt in the first place.

  • Keep the great outdoors where it belongs and position door mats on both sides of frequently used doorways. 
  • And for a simple dirt busting measure, encourage family members to swap grubby work boots or play shoes for indoor footwear before coming inside.

Despite our best efforts, dust and grime will inevitably find its way in. A speedy sweep, with a soft bristle broom or dust mop once or twice a week will prevent walked on grit from scratching the floor surface, while staying on top of potential allergens such as pet hair and animal dander, will also ensure a healthier environment. 

  • Use an indoor broom with synthetic bristles rather than natural fibres.
  • Regularly wash the dust and grit from brooms, especially if you sweep daily.


As Hybrid flooring is water resistant, damp mopping, ideally done once or twice a month, is the perfect method for removing spot stains, spills and crusty residue.

  • Use a pH neutral floor cleaner only. Acidic or caustic cleaning products can wear away the floor’s protective surface coating over time.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning tools, such as steel wool or harsh scrubbing pads. 
  • Never use a steam mop, as it can cause the boards to swell and discolour.
  • Even though Hybrid boards are waterproof, they can still absorb some stains. Whip out the spray mop or microfibre cloth to clean up coffee, tea or red wine spills as soon as possible.


Good news, vacuuming Hybrid floors offers an even quicker and simpler cleaning solution. Hand-held or canister, just make sure it comes with a soft vacuum head specifically designed for hard floor surfaces. And for the seriously time poor, nothing beats a robot vacuum. 

Protect Your Investment

Hallway runners, rugs and mats not only elevate interior design, but also protect your beautiful Hybrid flooring from the wear and tear of frequent foot traffic.

Similarly, applying furniture pads will help prevent table and chair legs from scraping across your floor surface, and installing curtains, blinds and awnings will reduce the likelihood of direct sunlight causing colour fade. 

Regular cleaning of Hybrid floors prevents the build-up of difficult to remove debris and possible staining, saves time and money on heavy duty maintenance and keeps your home environment healthier and happier – what’s not to love about that? 

Find our complete flooring cleaning and maintenance guide here.

CleaningHybrid flooring

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