3 Best Kitchen Flooring Options

Choosing flooring that will look great and function well in all areas of your home can be challenging at times. But fear not! We are about to walk you through all you need to know when choosing flooring for your kitchen.

Kitchens are truly the ‘heart’ of the home and as such are high traffic areas in all households. It’s a place where families gather and connect through food, but kitchens are also prone to spills, scratches, and everything else associated with the chaos of a busy family kitchen. To ensure your floors stay beautiful, it is important to choose a floor that will stand up to your lifestyle.

For a busy family kitchen, which is accustomed to see its fair share of spills and thrills, hybrid flooring might be the perfect choice. Both waterproof and highly scratch resistant, hybrid flooring was designed with the busy Australian household in mind. Coming in a beautiful range of Australian timber and European Oak wood décors, and featuring a wood textured protective face layer, Hybrid flooring gives the look and feel of timber flooring while being incredibly durable. Hybrid flooring gives you confidence that the dropped frying pan, water splashes from washing dishes or the kids dragging their highchairs, won’t compromise the beauty of your home.

For households which have less chaos surrounding day to day life in the kitchen, Engineered Timber flooring is also an option. It’s hard to beat the look and feel of real timber flooring, which is why it remains so popular to this day. Not being waterproof however, means any spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid damage. But don’t let this discourage you, engineered timber has greater durability than solid timber flooring and is less susceptible to damage. With the increased foot traffic in a kitchen, consider gluing down your timber floors for greater stability or place a decorative mat down below the sink to prevent water spilling when washing dishes.

For an affordable and highly versatile flooring option, vinyl flooring is also a great choice. 100% waterproof and scratch resistant, vinyl flooring is suitable for all areas of the home, especially kitchens! Designed with the money savvy Australian homeowner in mind, even the most hopeless weekend DIY warrior should find installing vinyl a breeze. Vinyl is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, so those messy baking days, flour fights and mysterious chocolate handprints are no cause for concern. And with beautiful wood prints and textured finishes available, there’s a design to suit any interior vision.

The best kitchen flooring looks different for everyone and whilst there are lots of great options available, the right flooring for you will come down to your lifestyle. Get in touch with our team today to discuss a flooring option for your home.

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