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    What is Engineered Timber Flooring

    Find out all there is to know about engineered timber and what makes this flooring so special

    Why Engineered Timber?

    Engineered Timber was developed as sturdier alternative to solid timber flooring which is also more affordable.

    Engineered Timber flooring is the result of applying the calculated design of products such as hybrid flooring to a timber product.

    Engineered Timber features a solid timber face layer on top of a multi-ply substrate. This means engineered timber is not only less susceptible to damage and warping compared to solid timber but is more affordable as well.

    Beautiful, durably and easy to install, engineered timber is truly the future of timber flooring.

    Engineered Construction

    Flooring Online have engineered timber products available in a selection of timber veneers, or face layers. Ranging from 0.6 to 4mm, there’s an appropriate flooring solution for every home, lifestyle and budget.

    Layered on top of a multi-level wood core, the 3mm timber veneer of our 14mm thick engineered timber can be re-sanded and coated approximately twice, with each sanding removing 1mm. This is the same for our striking Herringbone boards, while at 15mm, wideboard timber floorboards feature a hardy 4mm surface veneer that can be re-sanded approximately three times. 

    Read about each of our distinct timber ranges below.

    Solid Timber Vs. Engineered

    The development of Engineered timber has seen timber flooring become more durable, versatile and affordable. See for yourself why more and more people are choosing Engineeered timber.

    Timber Flooring Price Guide

    Find out all you need to know about timber flooring pricing.

    Is Engineered Timber flooring waterproof?

    No, it is not completely waterproof however, due to its layers, it works better with water than solid hardwood timber.

    Can Engineered Timber be sanded/repolished like solid timber flooring?

    Yes, Engineered timber floors can be sanded down and refurbished in their lifetime. However, how many times this can be done depends on the thickness of the solid timber veneer. Most of our engineered timber boards are safe to sand one to three times. Our 12mm Engineered European Oak range should not be sanded. 

    Can I install Herringbone Timber flooring myself?

    We recommend that you hire a professional installer for Herringbone flooring due to the more complex board pattern and detail required for install.