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    Hybrid Flooring Cost Guide

    Find out all you need to know about the pricing of Hybrid flooring and other alternatives.

    Priceless Durability

    In terms of price, Hybrid is not the cheapest option available on the market, but it certainly isn't the most expensive either.

    Although both vinyl and laminate are cheaper flooring alternatives, hybrid is by far the most hardwearing option. Meaning these floors will give you confidence in withstanding the stresses of the busy Australian household. With no need to repair or replace them in the future.

    Remember to factor in the price of trims and scotia when purchasing flooring.

    Flooring Pricing Table

    *These prices give an indication of current industry retail flooring prices and does not represent Flooring Online's prices.

    As a subsidiary of one of Australia's largest flooring manufacturers, Flooring Online is able to pass on wholesale flooring savings to our customers.

    • $$$$ Timber

      $70 - $140 per M2

    • $$$ Hybrid

      $30 - $70 per M2

    • $$ Laminate

      $25 - $50 per M2

    • $ Vinyl Plank

      $20 - $45 per M2

    What are you paying for?

    100% waterproof and highly scratch resistant, the design of a hybrid floorboard means that they are extremely durable and hardwearing. Hybrid also has the most realistic wood decors available and a UV resistant wear layer to protect them.

    DIY Hybrid Installation Costs

    Hybrid flooring requires floating installation, which means you won't have to spend money on flooring glues or trowels. A pre-adhered underlay also saves money in floor preparation. Best case scenario, all you will need is a rubber mallet, floor cutter, tape measure, floor spacers, pull bar and a pencil. All of which (apart from the tape measure & pencil) can be purchased from Flooring Online for a total of $145.

    Depending on the state of your subfloor however, a floor levelling product may be necessary to achieve an even surface.

    Professional Installation Costing Table

    If DIY isn't for you, leave it to the professionals!

    *The above provides indicative installation rates (labour only) for the major cities in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA and surrounding areas.

    • Timber

      $22 - 36 per M2

    • Hybrid & Laminate

      $20 - $26 per M2

    • Vinyl

      $16 - $20 per M2

    • Find a professional installer here

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    Maintenance Cost Guide

    Lucky for us, Hybrid flooring is extremely easy to clean and maintain. You will only need a few household cleaning products, a broom, mop and vacuum to keep your floors looking day one fresh! Hybrid will never need to be buffed, resurfaced or refurbished. Visit our complete hybrid cleaning & maintenance guide below.

    Backed by Our 25 Year Warranty

    Have total confidence in your floors with our 25 Year Residential Warranty. Available across our entire hybrid range, including 8mm & 5.5mm varieties.


    As with anything, the materials used has a large impact on price. Timber flooring uses organic material and naturally draws a larger price. Hybrid uses a combination of limestone, vinyl and wood dust to create its coveted core. Hybrid has a more complex structure and mixture of materials than laminate or vinyl.

    In good news for the environment, left over scraps of material from hybrid is recycled for use in further batches, ensuring zero wastage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process. 


    The thickness of a board also impacts the price. Flooring Online's hybrid flooring is available is Aqua-Tuf (8mm thick), Atlantis Wideboard+ (7.5mm thick), Atlantis Wideboard (6.5mm thick) and Atlantis (5.5mm thick). Traditionally the thicker the board the more expensive it is.

    Core Type

    Flooring Online offer three Hybrid flooring core structures - 7mmAtlantis WideboardABA structure, 8mm Aqua-tuf Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and 5.5mm & 6.5mmAtlantis Stone Polymer Core (SPC).

    Read more about these structure here.


    Traditionally wider boards also produce a higher price tag. Flooring Online's Atlantis Wideboard+ & Atlantis Wideboard range is 228mm in width. While Atlantis is 182mm in width and Aqua-Tuf 190mm respectfully.

    Are hybrid floors easy to install?

    Yes! Hybrid floors are incredibly easy to install with the integrated locking system, all you need is a tape measure, guillotine, and a rubber mallet. Read our full guide on how to install hybrid floors. 

    What are hybrid floors made from?

    Hybrid flooring is the result of combining the best elements of Vinyl and Laminate Flooring to create a floor which feels and looks like timber while being both waterproof and highly scratch resistant. Hybrid flooring consists of a UV coated top layer for durability and impact resistance to prevent wear and tear. A decorative layer to mimic the look of timber flooring, and underneath a water and heat resistant core layer. Finally, a pre-adhered underlay, saves you time and money in installing an additional flooring layer.

    Are hybrid floors suitable for wet areas of the house?

    Yes! Hybrid floors are completely waterproof and can be used in any area of the house without the risk of swelling or water damage.