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Feeling beachy with some light neutrals? Or going for a more traditional look with natural coloured floors? Shop Flooring Online's entire flooring range by colour!


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  1. Paperbark Hybrid FlooringPaperbark Hybrid Flooring

    Paperbark Hybrid Flooring

    Hybrid Flooring 8mm
    $69.95 / m²
    $51.95 / m²
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Is Engineered Timber flooring real timber?

Yes! Due to this flooring being multi-layered that consists of a real timber veneer, it is real timber flooring without the price tag of solid timber.

Is Engineered Timber flooring waterproof?

No, it is not completely waterproof however, due to its layers, it works better with water than solid hardwood timber.

Can Engineered Timber be sanded/repolished like solid timber flooring? 

Yes, Engineered timber floors can be sanded down and refurbished in their lifetime. However, how many times this can be done depends on the thickness of the solid timber veneer. Most of our engineered timber boards are safe to sand one to three times. Our 12mm Engineered European Oak range should not be sanded.