What is Engineered Timber Flooring?

If you’re looking for a stylish, modern take on traditional timber flooring then engineered timber might be the choice for you.

This multilayer flooring fixes a real timber veneer on top of a plywood core, giving your floors a classic appearance with a solid base. Best of all, these floors are less expensive than your traditional timber floors without sacrificing quality. This is in addition to a host of other benefits:

  • Improved durability
  • With an engineered multiply core, these floors are more durable and stable than solid timber. This is because solid timber is more susceptible to changes in humidity, causing it to expand and contract.

  • Greater resistance to heat and moisture
  • Engineered timber is less likely to warp, cup or suffer moisture damage than solid timber. This makes your floors more stable and will help them to last longer.

  • Easy to install
  • Our engineered floors feature an easy-to-use locking system that’s great for DIY installations. Solid timber is much more labour-intensive, and typically needs to be nailed or glued – though you can also glue our engineered timber floors if you prefer.

  • Options for refinishing
  • Like solid timber, an engineered timber floor can be lightly sanded or buffed. They can also be restained or refinished if you ever need to add a fresh sheen to your old floorboards, though this depends on the thickness of the timber veneer.

    What options are available?

    Our engineered timber flooring comes in a variety of unique grains and species. Our Australian Timber is consistently popular; from the consistency of Blackbutt to the warm hues of Spotted Gum, we offer something to suit all needs.

    Or perhaps you’re after something with a more homely look? In that case you might want to consider European Oak. This timber flooring comes in a range of colours and is often patterned by distinct, ribbon-like marks called “medullary rays”.

    The thickness of the timber veneer can also vary, with our range covering 0.6mm-4mm. There’s also a variety of finishes available, including light-absorbing matte finishes and smooth glosses.

    How are they maintained?

    Engineered timber floors do require some maintenance. It’s important to keep them in a temperate environment: if it’s too dry the wood may age prematurely, if it’s too humid this may cause the wood to cup or warp.

    Temperatures within the 15-30°c range are also ideal for these floors. If they’re kept outside these ranges for extended periods of time it may compromise their longevity.

    When it comes to cleaning, Flooring Online recommends regular use of the Embelton Spray Mop in conjunction with the Neutral Floor Cleaner. The Neutral Floor Cleaning solution is factory blended to deliver the optimum ratio of cleaning solution to H2O, removing most soiling and correctly hydrating your timber flooring.

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