Keep Your Floors Looking Good With Pets

Pet Friendly Flooring Options

As pet owners, we all understand the flow on effects of living with animals; from fitness, stress release, security and companionship, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and even the odd axolotl make our lives better, healthier and happier. More than just pets, they become part of the family.

Choosing pet friendly flooring is key to stress-free cleaning and maintenance, with hard flooring options especially advisable with cats or dogs. Technologically advanced materials such as Hybrid, Laminate and Vinyl products team the visual appeal of natural timber with scratch resistance, while Timber floorboards can, with the right care, can withstand the rigours of most busy households.

Tips For Keeping Hard Flooring Clean With Pets

Pet pedicures are the key to scratch free timber floors

Pet nails play havoc with carpets and rugs, with sharp claws snagging on the woven fibres, however they will also scratch up soft timber or thinner laminates, so regular nail clipping is a must for long lasting floor surfaces.

Regular grooming helps keep excess fur balls at bay

While many dog and cat breeds shed all year long, peak shedding tends to occur in autumn and spring, with fur balls rolling rampant through the home. Regular grooming will help to remove loose fur before it ends up in clumps behind the couch, while staying on top of mite and flea treatments will help to prevent excess scratching and further hair loss.

Depending on the amount of pets or amount of pet hair you have to contend with, daily dry mop, or a quick once-over with a microfibre duster, will help to stay on top of things.  Vacuum cleaners designed specifically for pet hair removal are a great investment, with hardwood cleaner attachments making it super easy to run over the floor surface for rapid-fire clean-ups. 

Wipe up all spills as soon as possible

Just as some pet accidents are understandable and unavoidable, staying on top of pet health could save your floors from preventable cleanups. To avoid potential staining or etching through your hard floor surface, make sure to clean any spills or mess immediately.

Use good quality doorway entrance and exit mats to keep small stones, mud and debris from being tracked across the house, and heavier ‘no-spill’ food and water bowls on non-slip mats to protect your floors from messy eaters.

Scratch Maintenance

A number of our hard floor options feature a subtly textured matte finish that, along with being remarkably resilient, serve to mask superficial scratches. With timber flooring however, scuffs and small scratches will naturally occur over time. Defined by this lived in patina, these marks tell a story, adding unique character to your home.

Gilly Stephenson’s Scratch Cover is part of our range of specialist hard floor cleaning products.  Available for dark or light timber flooring, it’s ideal for disguising scuff marks, reviving and nourishing tired floors with an easy buff and polish application.

Still unclear on the best choice of pet-friendly hard flooring? Our Customer service experts are happy to point you in the right direction. 

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