Flooring Samples: How to Create a Flat Lay

To maximise the success of your home build or renovation, it’s important to take time to visualise how all elements of a room will work together. Once you’ve ordered your flooring samples and any other interior elements of your new home, it’s time to start letting your dream home take shape. We’re going to take you through how to channel your inner interior designer and use your Flooring Online samples to create a flat lay that’s Pinterest worthy!

Florence Timber Flooring | @interiorsbyannalise

After you have spent countless hours curating the perfect Pinterest inspiration board or scrolling endlessly through Instagram looking for the right interior style for your home and ordered your necessary samples, it’s time to start putting together your flat lays.

Flat lays are a great way to set the mood of your home, they allow you to see if your flooring works cohesively with your cabinetry, tiles, hardware and furnishings. Timber flooring comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, so it’s important to try various samples and colour types within your flat lays to see what works best. This process will help you set the mood of your home, but don’t forget to consider functionality as well. For those expecting a busy, family environment, hybrid flooring could be the best option over timber flooring.


Let’s begin! Gather your flooring, tiles, cabinetry, paint, benchtop and tapware samples you have selected and begin layering your interior elements onto of a flat, neutral surface. Finish your interior vision with furnishing fabrics, greenery and statement décor material or patterns to complete your interior vision. Remember to have fun and be creative. Think of it as your canvas, try and create a masterpiece! 

Coastal Blackbutt Hybrid Flooring | @wynnumwest_whitehouse

You should try to include various textures, colours, shapes and materials, eliminating ones which don’t fit the developing aesthetic. Try to visualise how the space will look and remember to try your flat lays in different rooms and lighting. As a rule of thumb, avoid putting no more than 10 elements on your vision board at once to avoid clutter.

It can also be helpful to get a second opinion on your flat lays. We can sometimes go a little loopy after spending hours trying to create the perfect mixture of elements and finding that reassuring second opinion can be very valuable. Take some photos and share your ideas online or with friends. Remember to tag @flooringonlineau so we can see your beautiful designs!

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