Engineered Timber Flooring Fact Sheet

What is ‘Engineered’ Timber? 

Engineered timber is a multi-layered flooring product consisting of a real timber veneer of varying thicknesses, backed by a stable timber substrate or core. This allows customers to enjoy the beauty of real timber flooring without the cost and other drawbacks associated with solid timber. 

What types of Timber are available? 

Flooring Online stocks, a range of different flooring products with varying timber veneers.   

Australian species such as Blackbutt and Spotted Gum are always a favourite and are available in Smooth Gloss, Smooth Matte & Matte Brushed finishes. Our Australian Species range is also available in standard boards widths or wide boards. 

Proving to be increasingly popular is our European Oak, available in a large range of colours and sizesEuropean Oak comes in 12mm, 14mm & 15mm board thickness and a luxury Herringbone range. 


Is there difference in construction? 

Depending on the manufacturer, there are 2 main types of engineered timber flooring constructions: 

  • 3 Ply – These products are generally constructed with the veneer applied to a pine core, with a spruce backing layer for balancing and stability.  
  • Multi-ply - These products are constructed with the veneer applied to a multi-layer plywood core that is inherently stable. 

What Are the Benefits? 

There are several benefits in selecting engineered timber over solid timber flooring 

  • Stability 
    Engineered timber is much more stable than solid timber.  Its multi-layer construction means it is less susceptible to changes in the environment that can cause cupping, bowing checking and gapping. 
  • Sustainability 
    Flooring Online sells only FSC certified timber products from sustainable sources.  Because the core and backing materials are sourced from plantation pine, spruce and poplar forests impact of logging on old-growth forests is reduced. 
  • Easy DIY 
    Engineered products can be produced with ‘Click’ locking systems such as Valinge 5G that makes DIY installation easy and ensures strong and consistent joints are achieved every time. 
  • Installation over Existing Flooring 
    Engineered timber can be installed either directly adhered to the subfloor to replicate the solid flooring feeling, dual bonded over a rubber underlay for acoustic purposes or floated over virtually any type of subfloor. 

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Engineered timber flooring

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