Australian Timber Flooring
So you've decided to go with an Australian Timber floor but you don't know which one to choose! We often get questions about the difference between the Australian Species so we have listed some differences to make the decision easier for you.


An extremely well known and popular flooring option within Australia named after the black shade of its bark. 'Blackbutt' is primarily grown in the coastal regions of southern New South Wales up to south east Queensland, with a quick growth rate making it readily available timber on the east coast of Australia. 'Blackbutt' comprises of a range of colours from pale brown to yellowing brown with a fairly straight grain and even texture.
  • More consistent colour than other Australian species (of course, still variation)
  • Mostly straight running grain
  • Suits most homes and styles

 Spotted Gum

The common name 'Spotted Gum' is used for four different types Corymbias grown along the east coast of Australia but most commonly refers to the Corymbia Maculata species. The name 'Spotted Gum' originates from the pale bark in the tree trunks which leave a spotted appearance once shed. 'Spotted Gum' compromises of a great range of colours from a light brown to dark reddish brown to grey green. The grain is often wavy and the texture of 'Spotted Gum' is coarse and uneven making it very unique.
  • Unique in colouring, great for a statement floor
  • Greater variation in colour, texture and grain
  • Great for larger spaces


Originating from Western Australia, Jarrah is a popular choice for heritage homes and is easily recognisable for its rich red hue which deepens over time into a soft burgundy. 'Jarrah' is chosen for its colouring, interesting fibre patterns and resiliency.
  • Adds depth and warmth
  • Great for heritage homes

* Keep in mind, that as timber is a natural material, variations in colour, grain etc will always be present and care must be taken when selecting from small samples.

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