How To Choose The Perfect Flooring For Your Home

Flooring Online Australia stocks a range of different flooring products, at different price points, each with their own unique features and benefits.  Here we explore the key differences between the Laminate, Hybrid and Engineered Timber Flooring.



LVT or ‘Luxury Vinyl Tile’ is essentially similar Laminate in its construction philosophy, however the wear resistant top layer and decorative surface layer are applied to a flexible PVC core.  LVT is perfect for high traffic areas, salons, studios and kitchens, and areas where water resistance and wet-mopping is required for easy maintenance.  LVT needs to be fully adhered to the subfloor which allows it to be cut in tight to adjacent fixtures and fittings without the need for expansion gaps, scotia and expansion trims, and because it is soft, it is easy to cut using a Stanley knife.  As it is fully adhered, it tends to provide a more solid feeling underfoot and has different acoustic properties when compared with floating installations. 


Laminate flooring is a very cost effective and durable product that sits at the entry level for timber look flooring products. Consisting of a wear-resistant top layer, a decorative surface layer and an HDF Core. Laminate is very durable and more wear resistant than timber flooring. Available in 8mm and 12mm thicknesses, Laminate flooring is suitable for floating installation and it’s click system makes installation as easy as DIY.



Hybrid flooring has wear-resistant textured top layer, a decorative surface layer and a core made of composites of either stone polymer or wood polymer combinations.  Like Laminate flooring it is very hard wearing and scratch resistant, with the added benefit of being unaffected by moisture.  Hybrid flooring can also be ordered with a foam backing layer that improves acoustic performance and negates the need to a separate underlay.  Hybrid flooring is DIY friendly with click-lock installation and easy cutting. No Drop Saw required.

Engineered Timber

Engineered timber flooring is manufactured from real timber, with a 3-4mm wear layer and either a pine core with spruce backing or a multiply core for additional stability.  Engineered timber combines the beauty and natural variation of real timber with added stability engineered core at an affordable price.  Tongue and Groove and Click system installation options are available, and engineered timber is suitable for floating installation and for direct stick applications to give the real timber feel and sound under foot.


Difference between floors

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