How to Care for your Timber Flooring

The purchase of a new floor for your house or apartment can be time consuming, however cleaning & maintaining it shouldn’t be. 


Having timber flooring installed in your home comes with additional measures to ensure it is properly maintained. As timber is a natural material, it will respond to changes of the environment it is installed in. A dry environment causes timber flooring to lose moisture and if not attended to, can age your floor and potentially cause further problems. Whilst in a humid environment, timber will absorb moisture leading it to expand and consequently cause creaky joints and cupping. 

It is essential that when having a natural product installed in your home such as timber, care is taken to ensure the longevity of your floor. The optimal performance temperature for a timber floor is between 15-30°c. This is a comfortable temperature range to live in without artificial means to heat or cool. It is important to note that heating can draw moisture from your room just as cooling can add moisture to it. 

Extremes of temperature over prolonged periods outside the 15-30°c range will void the warranty of most timber floors and therefore it is recommended that time is taken to read the outlined warranty for your specific flooring.  


Cleaning Tips: 

Flooring Online recommends regular use of the Embelton Spray Mop in conjunction with the Neutral Floor Cleaner. The Neutral Floor Cleaning solution is factory blended to deliver the optimum ratio of cleaning solution to H2O, removing most soiling and correctly hydrating your timber. 

Firstly, dry mop the floor to remove dust and fluff with the first pad. Attach second pad. One jet spray of the Neutral Floor Cleaner provides enough solution to clean 2-3m2 of flooring. 

Spills and contaminates should be attended to immediately absorbing all fluid. 

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