Why Timber Hybrid Flooring is perfect for Australian Homes

When it comes to flooring, nothing quite compares to the striking elegance and unique character of wooden flooring. Having real timber underfoot not only elevates the look of any interior, but comes with a wide range of advantages that homeowners are enjoying more and more. 

If you’re cost-savvy but still wanting the durability of timber flooring, you’ve probably explored different flooring options from Engineered timber floorboards to Hybrid flooring.

Perhaps you’ve come across the term ‘Timber Hybrid’ and are interested to know more about our newly launched Timber Hybrid flooring and how it measures up to Engineered Timber floors when it comes to longevity and aesthetic. 

Same look as real Timber Flooring

Timber Hybrid floors were created to be durable and long-wearing, lasting for generations. Its construction of a timber top veneer means you get the Timber flooring look that you wish to achieve, and its core layer of Stone Polymer provides added strength and stability. This means our Timber Hybrid floors can withstand heavy foot traffic, active children and pets in any residential or commercial space.


Because Timber Hybrid floorboards have a 0.6mm/1.2mm timber veneer top layer combined with a hybrid core, constructing, and installing these floorboards is a more cost-effective way of achieving wooden floors as compared to Engineered timber flooring.

Picture this, a floor that looks like real timber, but without the high price tag. 

Strong, durable, long-lasting

The construction of Timber Hybrid flooring is designed to ensure that your floors are less prone to warping and moisture damage, meaning is well-suited to Australian weather and humidity conditions. The hybrid core is designed to minimise the risk of expansion and contraction due to humidity and moisture, and enables you to lay larger raft sizes before internal expansion is required.

Easy Installation

With an integrated quality acoustic foam underlay, Timber Hybrid flooring makes installation easier, because it can be installed as a floating floor directly over most existing subfloors, including tiles. It’s a quicker way to achieve that wood flooring look without the stress and mess of traditional flooring solutions.

Timber hybrid flooring

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